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• To be the preferred destination for trustful, credible, and high-class Umrah services.
• To help the guests of the Most Merciful perform their rituals at a hassle-free manner that makes their Umrah trip outstanding and memorable. 

• Provide the guests of Allah with innovative services that can attract new markets and customers. Follow state-of-the-art methods to help customers fulfill their aspirations, achieve their goals, and enrich their spiritual and cultural experience.
• Continue to identify impactful ways to deliver fast and accurate services, utilizing our advanced technologies in hospitality industry.
• Implement a TQM philosophy based on the quality and integrity of our core people who are zealous to serve the guests of the Merciful.  

Quality and Excellence
The principles of TQM are applied to the entire “Al Mamoniah” which is committed to improving business quality and accuracy where customers’ expectations being not only met but imaginably exceeded.
Innovation and Initiative
We are passionate about framing out new initiatives that help improve the service given to the Umrah performers, enable our team to create impactful initiatives, push ahead our industry, and realize our customers’ ambitions.
Participation and Team Spirit
We communicate with our partners and customers in an effective proficient way, characterized by honesty and transparency. We endeavor to provide excellent services in a changeable competitive market. We show respect for and value all individuals. We are loyal to each other to ensure we all thrive together.
Commitment and Trust
Since that we perform in a service-based sector, we are committed to interactive honestly with our customers. We work to maintain the trust placed on us by our customers and shareholders. Our policy of communication certifies that we have flexibility to deliver communications that are compliant with the customers’ desires and are consistent with the industry regulations.  

• Leading and creative Umrah solutions.
• High-quality service.
• Honest, reliable, and caring Umrah services.
• Customers’ long lasting relationships.
• High performance, brilliant skills. 

Serving the guests of Ar-Rahman
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We are marching ahead confidently, fuelled by our deep-rooted past, looking forward to a promising future. Serving our customers on this noble occasion is a source of great motivation for us. Today we endeavour to deliver top-notch services to serve Umrah performers throughout their spiritual journey, in a place where they are seeking Allah’s blessings, inhaling the scents of history, and living the true purity of the holiest place on Earth where Prophet Mohammed – peace and prayer be upon him - was born.
During your faithful journey, we accompany you the guests of the Most Merciful; stay closer to you in a place where the mysteries of faith permeate the Universe, and where millions of Muslims turn towards each day in prayer.

Throughout our history, the name of “Al Mamoniah” has been synonymous with quality service; its commitment has deeply rooted in the soil of ethical deeds, dedicative efforts, open sharing and collaboration between the management and the staff.
Get ready to explore the vibrant world of “Al Mamoniah”, where to enjoy a diverse of high-end services. We look forward to helping you along the way and making your trip as pleasurable as can be.
Hatim Hamid Mouminah
General Manager


Meet & Greet

Receiving the Mu'tamirs at the airport upon their arrival.

Hotel Accomodation

Providing accommodation for Mu'tamirs in Makkah and Madinah hotels, with different categories of accommodation.

Transport Services

Comfy transportation services, in cooperation with selected transporters.

Islamic Site Tours

Arranging special programs for Umrah performers to visit various important Islamic landmarks and attractions in Makkah and Madinah, under supervision of qualified tour guides.


Choosing “Al Mamoniah” as your companion for your journey to perform Umrah means that its team is at your fingertips. This team is one of the most important pillars of our success. It is our key to achieve the progress and excellence we aspire. Achievements are not achieved but by the harmony, cooperation, and the combined efforts of all teams. Our Umrah services have not come out of nothing. They are the result of decades of experience gained by practice and skills in the prestigious services to the guests of the Most Merciful. We are proud of our team, which consists of 22 individuals supported by experience, professionalism and desire to serve all customers in comfort and reliability. Each one of them is selected according to the criteria of excellence and efficiency, as they are undergoing training to perfect their skills. We are working to create the appropriate environment needed to develop every single one of them. We seek to provide seamless services to leapfrog our competitive peers. Be sure that all your needs throughout your trip with us will be fulfilled. Every Member of the team is proud of giving the guests of the Most Merciful a royal service, from the moment of arrival until their departure, to make your journey as rewarding as possible.

Hamid Saleh Mouminah


Hatim Hamid Mouminah


Saleh Hamid Mouminah

Board Member

Seraj Omar Babaad

Operations Supervisor

Raed Ahmed Bahaj

Customer Service Officer

Adnan Zuhair Mansouri

Makkah Branch Manager

Fahad Riyadh Ahmad

Customer Service Officer

Shadi Ebaid

Customer Service Officer


Our Umrah Packages let you capitalize on every minute of your blessed experience and focus on the core of your trip by leaving us to ensure that you have that notable divine journey. Our Umrah packages are designed in compliance with the customers’ needs, showcasing good balance between flexibility, affordability, and high quality service. 

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